Monday, February 22, 2010

San Clemente

I returned last night from San Clemente Island. I was incommunicado for about a week. (Thanks for the stills Gary!)

The island was beautiful and relatively unspoiled. I was even able to spy a few endangered species. The scenery reminded me of Ireland.

Funny. When I close my eyes I still have ghost images of the people and activity I saw on the island. It'll probably take a fair bit of REM sleep (if I get it) to process everything.

Now the editing begins. (Actually almost done.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New Year

I am a Monkey. Monkeys are curious. I am pretty sure that fits me. My son is a Rat. That fits him, too.

This will be the Year of the Tiger. I think Wally and I will make the trek to Chinatown and watch the festivities.

When I was at DINFOS, I took the Metro to the Chinatown station and spent a very chilly DC winter day watching traditional dances. Washington's Chinatown has become smaller over the years, after the Convention Center overtook much of the property.

I was happy to come back to LA and lose myself in our Chinatown. I love the rows and rows of loud little shops and booths, surrounded by frying food and little live turtles in bowls.