Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm still a bit new to facebook, but have become addicted to the effortless way I can reconnect with the scattered groups I have left all over the country.

I recently added some friends from high school. These are not just some run-of-the-mill people. These are Saint Mary's Academy graduates.

St Mary's was an all-girl Catholic school in Alexandria Virginia. The school was established in 1869 and moved twice until it finally came to Russell Road in Alexandria, VA. In 1941, the school became a girl's prep school. The convent that graced the campus was built by a descendant of John Alexander, for whom Alexandria was named. Later after I graduated, St. Mary's merged with our brother school, Bishop Ireton.

I can't impress how lucky I feel to have gone to such a wonderful high school. Two of the best teachers I ever had, Connie Southard and Sr Elizabeth, set an eduacational bar so high it can only be surpassed by Ivy League instruction.

It is so wonderful to see that all of those amazing women I knew are still as amazing as ever.

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