Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wally's Notes

Wally and I have a somewhat busy schedule during his school year. I usually leave the house before he wakes up. He dutifully gets up, showers and gets ready for school by himself. I hate it. I feel like the worst mother because I am not there to give him a hug before he leaves, or make him pancakes. I know he's learning responsibility, but I still feel that it's unfair to him. So we write notes.

My notes usually include drawings. This little note was slipped into his lunch bag. He is a notoriously picky eater and will shy away from fruit and veggies. Well, this day I apparently added grapes to the menu. I must not have had enough faith that the attempt would succeed because I added guilt to the note, in a way only a mother knows how. (haha) The grapes I drew were crying because Wally wouldn't try them. One said, "Why won't he eat us?" You have to know that I was sooooo amused when I saw the grapes' response under my note. One of his little grapes says, "Thank you for trying us. We feel better."

This little note, I feel, embodies my relationship with my son.

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