Wednesday, November 11, 2009

फ्रिग्गिन' स्मोकर्स!

Wow. I didn't know I as so versatile with language.

Dang smokers! I open the windows to my apartment to get FRESH air. What comes into my home? Your second-hand smoke! Please do this: Go into a small room, close the doors and windows, and smoke. You can smoke all you want. Stop giving my son and me sinus infections.

I'm so glad I never had the urge to smoke anything. Especially in this day and age, if you CHOOSE to start smoking now, in the year 2009, when there is so much literature about the damage to your health, you are demonstrating a fundamental lack of reasoning.

A little harsh, I know. And I have friends who smoke, and I worry about them. I have more sympathy for those who started before the 1980's. I see teenage boys and girls who smoke. Wow. Your self esteem must really be bad to wake up one day and say, "You know, I think I'll pick up a filthy habit that will make me stink and cost more money than I can imagine. Yeah. That's what I'll do today." What?

Somewhere along the line, someone neglected to tell you that you were just fine the way you are. Smoker man or woman. I'm sorry you were neglected. (I really am!) Now प्लेअसे STOP SMOKING!!!

Wow. What a rant! And all because of my neighbor's smoke!

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