Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov 14 2009

I moved the furniture around a little, helped fix the PS3, got into an argument, settled the argument and started another, rearranged my closet, had a pastrami sandwich with mustard (even though I hate mustard) and tended to my plants.

I'm lucky to be alive and here in the United States.

(I know the first few entries of this blog are mostly complaints, but I needed to vent. I don't know who would read this anyway. I do spend a huge chunk of my day thankful for everything.)

When I was a stream surveyor in Oregon, back in 1992, I kinda had a near-death experience. I nearly drowned in the beautiful Umpqua River. (Maybe this is one of the reasons I like Spirited Away.) When I got home I took a warm shower and remembered that the simple act of watching water fall in sunlight was overwhelmingly beautiful.

I think I have always had an appreciation for small, simple things (my photographs tend to show this), but knowing that I might have lost that human, corporal interaction with the universe was frightful. The small things have carried me through some of the worst times in my life.

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