Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just got back a few hours ago from painting on a hillside. I was covered in wild grass seeds and have a bit of a sunburn. I haven't painted, really painted, in a while.

I started yesterday. (It was very emotional day for me but no one would ever know it.) I had to throw the emotion somewhere. I was so wound up that I threw a canvas on the table, slapped some acrylic on a plate and painted a dragon to go in my living room. I also painted a couple in my bedroom, on the wall. They are heavy brush-stroked and strong on color but feel good on the walls.

Today's painting was in watercolour. I rarely paint on location. I get so distracted by other things; bugs, lizards, trees, that it is hard for me to focus. I was able to sketch better than I thought, however. I just copied the feeling of the things I saw. I even wrote some poetry.

It was fitting that I saw a new Doctor Who episode this morning before I went out. The Doctor and Amy go to visit Vincent Van Gogh a month before he kills himself. A good episode, of course, filled with monsters and quick dialogue, but I found myself crying when I thought about his pain and his art.

Even when I was painting murals a few years back, I didn't feel as passionate about what I painted as I did yesterday. And the dragons aren't beautiful or technically good at all, but they have a tremendous amount of my emotion in them. I feel like I got a little of the passion to draw and paint that I haven't had in a while. A few, maybe 5 people on the planet right now, might know why that is. It is a good solution to a problem I have. I know I'm lucky to have a salve for this emotion and can share it with planet Earth.

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