Sunday, August 29, 2010

Procrastination, Sarah-Style

There is a video I need to edit. I have several bad memories associated with the shoot.  I even noticed that the annoyance is visible on my face when I open CS4.  Sooooo.... I procrastinate.

I was better today.  I spent about an hour cleaning the area around the computer.  I even turned it on.  I decided the computer desktop image was not good feng shui so I had to spend a half an hour researching the best color scheme for that.  Blue, facing north, cause I'm a Fire Monkey.

Then I had to find the script.  That was...mmm...about 15 minutes.

So..I was ready to edit, right?  But you see, I wasn't physically comfortable in those pants so I changed my clothes.  And rearranged my closet.  And ironed 3 shirts that I meant to iron a while back.  (Never know when I'm gonna wear that sea foam green one, you know?)  Two hours gone.

Well, computer is up and closet is clean so I needed to eat something.  That's when I remembered I haven't cleaned the fridge since before the last TDY.  And it has to be done.  No self-respecting woman should leave her fridge like this.  20 minutes...including the dishes.

I sat down finally at the computer.  Then my cat sat down at the computer.  He's so sweeeeeeet!  Had to hold him for a while. (He's old, you know.)  He's happier in the sun so I fixed a little place on the balcony for him.  Next to the gardenias....that needed watering.  Ugh!  1.5 hours!!

OK.  Hey,  I had to text a friend.   Then I realized I text him so much that I needed to upgrade my text plan.  Can't be paying those overages.  He's worth it, so it's all cool.  I had to download all those photos anyway, too.   2 hours.

Back at the computer.  And it's..(what time is it?)  Ugh.  Forget it, man.  I'll catch it tomorrow, right?  I can re-read the script and have it in my head, buddy.!

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