Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is my little girl.

Her name is Fionna.  She came with an apartment we rented in Blacksburg, VA back in 2003.  When she became part of the family she was a small black puff ball who couldn't meow.  Oh, she'd open her mouth and look like she was meowing, but nothing would come out.  It took a while to train my ear to the little breathy hiss she made when she spoke.  She is more vocal now, but only chirps like a sparrow.  It's a beautiful sound, if I may say so.

Why am I devoting a blog entry to Fi?  Well she, along with Kig, are a huge part of our lives.  We are cat-worshiping types who cater their every whim.  In return they let cater to their every whim.  I also feel that if any soul is that much a part of your life, it deserves to be uploaded to the Net.  

Fionna  was named for Fiona Apple, who is a great singer, but has nothing in common with my little girl.  Fionna the Pest or Princess Fionna has a better ring.  

Fionna's former people, a couple of well-meaning VaTech students, seemed to think that their animals should eat vegetarian food.  I'm sorry.  I have a degree in Biology so I've had some measure of instruction in animal physiology.  Cats are carnivores. They eat meat.  I ... you know,  I could go on about that, but it's not the time or place.  Let's just say Fionna happily gained the weight she needed by eating real kitten chow - finally.

Fionna has short legs.  She is almost like a munchkin.  Her fur is rabbit-soft and unlike anything I've ever felt.  The hairs are very, very long.  In the sun she is a beautiful dark chocolate color.  She is a complete clown, and when she knows she has your attention, she will play games just to see your reaction. 

When we took in Fionna we already had a cat at the time - my other little boy, Kiggee.  The adjustment time for them was very short, mostly because Kig is a good, even-tempered and patient soul.  Pretty soon they were grooming each other and wrestling.  

Both of my cats are black. Some people think I'm a witch because of this.  I'm not.  I never care what color or breed my adopted cat-kids are.  The universe just pulled us all together somehow.   

Now Fionna welcomes me at the door along with Kig the moment I come home.  She and Kig usually demand a treat and then Kitty Wresting begins.  This pleases me.  Actually, I do get a kick out of watching their stalking techniques.  (Cats have wonderful stalking and capture strategies, and my babies don't disappoint.)

Tonight, like every night, I will soak in a tub.  Fionna will demand to be near the water.  Later she will go to my son's room and lie next to him until he falls asleep.  Then she will come to my room and sleep next to me.  If I don't wake up at 0400, she will wake me up.  If I sneeze she will come running up to me to check if I'm ok.  I am a mommy cat to her.  That's cool with me.

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