Friday, October 15, 2010


Sarah Rivera Corrice
Help Me by Joni Mitchell on @: One of my favorite albums EVER.
from Rancho Palos Verdes
California, US

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I was going to write about my fabulous hike I had today, but that requires a  little more research on the park, since it caught on fire last year.  Instead, I wanted to write about something I just observed a few minutes ago when I was crowing about my favorite songs on Twitter.

Grooveshark's share...thingy... automatically places the hash tag #nowplaying at the end of the song you post.  Well that's not novel, and not about what I am writing.  It was the waterfall of posts to #nowplaying that caught my eye.  I just sat there as my little song (Joni Mitchell's "Help Me", btw) was lost in the sea of songs that flowed every 20 seconds onto the page.  

Right at this moment, there is someone listening to a song that moves them so much they have to share it with everyone - perfect strangers!  A Japanese man listening to Michael Jackson, a Greek guy listening to the Isley Brothers, someone likes the Kings of Leon, another likes a symphony.  On and on.  I was watching humanity showing its personality through music.  

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 Nuлuℓ ɑtîkɑ 
 teenage dream
 by B0NNIE_B00
RT @ Waka Flocka - No Hands <~ that damn song won't get out my head!
 Joseph Mueller 
 im a brat - @ , awesome :)
 Andres Santibañez 
 Ente copa y copa - Pedro Infante
 Finlie 李施苹 
 BEAST - SOOM, keep playing this song, and I think I already play it about 100 times??
Mais que naaada...#nowplaying showwww
 M.M. Hero 
@ : Indescribably Blue by Elvis Presley 

Beautiful.  Humanity, you are so wonderful.


  1. "I was watching humanity showing its personality through music" I LOVE this. I love any posts about passion and music.